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You want to invest in cryptocurrency but trading is too risky or complicated for you? Then Masternodes are a great option.
Getting tired of all the different accounts you need for all exchanges? Not the knowledge to set the Masternodes up and running?
Then we have the solution for you!


Launch website


EASYMASTERNODES.ONLINE is a website where you can find cryptocurrencies that offer Masternodes. See the rate, performance and all info of a coin in a single view. Check all filters and make it easy finding the coins you like. Get notifications of news concerning Masternodes.

Expanding service


Do you want a Masternode but don't have the amount of coins for it? No problem! Sign up at EASYMASTERNODES.ONLINE and store you coins here. Together with other traders/collectors we are stronger, and we make sure that you have the rewards of a masternode. Taking profits and want to invest it back? Staking is also possible and gives nice rewards.

Start core service


EASYMASTERNODES.ONLINE starts it core service. ONE CLICK, ALL MASTERNODES. You don't need a huge amount of exchange accounts anymore. Just sign up at EASYMASTERNODES.ONLINE and start collecting Masternodes. We offer high number of overviews with all the information you need, performance of the coin, ROI, but also the date you bought the coin and your profit at this moment. So, no need to get out your calculator anymore. Want to take your profit and want to get in another Masternode? No problem, just a few clicks and a few minutes later you are settled in another Masternode.

Launch core business


EASYMASTERNODES.ONLINE provides you a fully automatic trading tool to buy and sell Masternodes with just a few clicks.